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Fishing boats moored at the dock of Mackay Reef Fish SuppliesMackay Reef Fish Supplies commenced operations in 1986 when a Queensland fisher, David Caracciolo saw the need to market his catch more effectively.

The business is now operated by David, Brian and Graham Caracciolo and has grown to be a significant supplier of fresh and frozen seafood in Australia and to overseas markets, exporting since 1992 under the name of Mackay Reef Export Pty Ltd

The sales and administration office is located at NT Fish Pty Ltd in Winellie Darwin. NT Fish Pty Ltd now has wharf unloading facilities and a new seafood processing facility encompassing a 400 tonne storage freezer, blast freezer and processing facilities with full export registration and handles fresh and frozen fish, prawns and crustaceans.

NT Fish Pty Ltd was established in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mackay Reef Fish Supplies Pty Ltd, a Queensland based seafood processing and marketing company with many years experience in catching, handling and marketing seafood, to process the fresh fish caught in one of the Northern Territory's major fishing areas - the area known as the Timor Box.

These waters are virtually free of pollution and present amongst the best quality fish available.  Modern catching boats with brine cooling and chilled storage facilities ensure the quality of the fish.  Fish are caught by dropline or trapping.

The fish are then unloaded in the commercial  boat marine in Darwin Harbour into ice bins and transported a short distance to NT Fish premises.  Our EU approved export rating ensures the best practice handling methods are employed delivering a high quality product to the end user.

NT Fish can present the product in fresh or frozen form as whole fish or fillets as desired.

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